Knowledge investment pays back twice, always!


We often face the situation where employees are blamed for the bad farm results. The problem is not the employee but its level of knowledge. This is often not seen or managers do not value the payback of training. How can you motivate your employees by bringing knowledge and how will it payback?

Clear objectives

To work with a winning team on a farm, investments have to be made. Bringing practical knowledge on craftsmanship as well as knowledge of farms objectives will create a positive payback at the wellbeing of your employees and better farm result.

Only this will create a winning team. When the employee is aware of its position in the team and the goals which have to be achieved they will be motivated and happy. You even can measure KPI and share real time with your employees.

Toolbox meetings

As part of a Management Support Contract at a large Dairy we made up tailor made training sessions, on the job at different levels.

We use “Toolbox meetings” to transfer in a simple and quick way knowledge about certain processes on a farm to the people at the floor. For example the Toolbox meeting on Total Mixed Ration created a lot of awareness at the tractor and loader drivers of their influence on milkproduction. Before they thought to be driver only. 

We make tailor made intensive training on more complicated subjects like ration calculation which is key for farm profit. We are using optimisation software, explain the feed digestion of the cow, we are looking for cow signals in the barns and checking visual the available feed sources. In this way we teach the zootechnicians and nutrionists how to monitor and adjust the ration, when necessary, from day to day.

We execute the training on the job, at our own farm and at training centres in the Netherlands

If you want to fill your toolbox with the right training open it up right here!

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