Using detailed analyses to create efficient milk production

Better margin

Increase a better margin and milk quality, either on your farm or within a certain region or country.

Milk production is complicated. It requires specific knowledge and experience. The infrastructure determines the cadres in which you can produce your milk. It sets the limits within you have to operate


A detailed analyses of the current situation is first thing to do. At farm level but also country level. In different regions we have investigated the dairy industry, feed industry, agricultural education, role of the regional authorities and structure of dairy farms. Based on this investigation clear direction can be given for development.


In 2014 and 2015 we successfully completed a capacity building project in East kazachstan in cooperation with the OECD. Different locale institutes like education, authorities and advisory boards were part of the project.

Quote: Wouter Meester, Project Co-ordinator, OECD Eurasia Competitiveness Programme
“The OECD needed expertise from a country renowned for its dairy sector that enables sharing some of its experience. Cownexxion promised and delivered a unique combination of on-the-ground experience and consulting skills. They are capable of communicating about the required strategic direction while connecting with the stakeholders in practice that will have to execute most of the advice.”
“Cownexxion provided knowledge to the policy makers in Kazakhstan to identify the strategic direction of its dairy sector in the Eastern part of the country and built capacity on a very practical level.”
“Cownexxion provides expertise on a diversity of topics and are pleasant people to work with.”.

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