Utilising employees ideas and experiences saves money!


Often expectation between employee and employer are not the same. Unclear task descriptions and different expectations are resulting in inefficient tasks. The job takes too much time, too much resources or is not meeting the desired quality.

Standard approach

When you make together with your employees the job description you utilize the ideas and experience of the employee to fulfil the task efficient. This make the employee much more engaged.

It works very well to work with a standard approach to define the tasks and processes. Together you create mutual understanding in how tasks can be done quicker, cheaper and better. This we call LEAN Six Sigma; improve your average and decrease variation. Cownexxion has adopted this into dairy farming; LEAN-AGRI®

What Our Clients Say

Our customer faced a low feedmargin. All process regarding roughage production were defined with the help of the LEAN-AGRI® approach. Together with employees from tractor drivers till the nutritionist improvements were found, defined and implemented. The LEAN-AGRI® approach creates a culture change and save guarding of the new way of working.

Quote mr. Hadley Trainis, manager Terranova Group; “Cownexxion worked closely with us in first helping us determine which goals we should be setting for our farms. Once we established the targets our holding company worked closely with the Cownexxion team to monitor, supervise and educate the staff in new methods and practices to achieve the intended results. Their team was active, energetic and always available to provide advice and support.”

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