Achieving the best performance

Every day you are busy in achieving the best performance of your farm. Are you sure you focus on the right points? Often we see focus points are based on gut feeling where detailed data and cow analyses really shows where the profit can be made.

Potential Profit Scan

Cownexxion uses the potential profit scan. A practical on farm investigation. We walk through your farm and assessthe animals, their housing conditions, rations, feeding strategy and available feed stuffs. In addition we calculate the rations and assess data for production, reproduction and health.

Based upon this we make a tailor made lists of relevant indicators for your farm. For each indicator we estimate the current level and what is an achievable level for your farm in the context in which it operates. This shows you the total potential profit.

Using the potential profit scan we support you taking the right actions to achieve the potential. When necessary we will execute part of the changes ourselves or train you employees.


A big dairy holding with 2 farms of 4000 dairy cows in Russia did not produce the desired milk quantity and quality. The Cownexxion potential profit scan showed to focus on transition management and hygiene. Cownexxion optimized the ration and created a monitor tool to be able to follow the development in time remotely.

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