Challenging, Responsibility and Personal development.

With Cownexxion you have found a reliable partner to manage this project.

We are in contact with the innovative future oriented dairy companies. Therefor we have a variety of job vacancies. Amongst others we are looking for Farm managers (senior and trainee) and dairy management trainers (focus on veterinary, herd management, feeding and roughage production). Jobs are available in Russia, Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Job vacancies: 


As Cownexxion we support and coach the managers and trainers intensively. Our experience shows us this is the way for successful management support. We see personal development as a sustainable way to build the Dutch dairy connection; profitable for our clients and challenging for the employees.

Internship: herd manager

Internship: crop manager

Please contact us for more details and to get to know the  possibilities we currently have.

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